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Maximising Impact™ is currently being refreshed, to enable even more people to participate in our ITOL-accredited 1-day event. Please come back in May to find out more.

If you share any kind of information with other people, you’re about to discover

How you can spend LESS time in the preparation stage,
yet rapidly enjoy MORE noticeable results

If you’re …

wasting your time on excessive preparation
bored with delivering unmeaningful, unmemorable material
tired of trying to motivate unreceptive audiences to act

And you want to …

get people to take more notice of what you say and remember it
have a wider range of tools than simply ‘Death by Powerpoint’
be more influential and responsive to audience’s needs, with less effort

Then …

Maximising Impact™
52 Ways to Present Information Powerfully

could be exactly what you need right now!

Maximising Impact


From: Ann Grindrod and Stella Collins, Co-Founders of Brain in Business.
To:     People who present information to others – in any shape or form.
Re:     Slash your input, accelerate your output!

By the time you’ve finished reading this page, you will understand …

Red tick What the Maximising Impact™ 1-day workshop will change for you.
Red tick How it’s the fastest way to apply a system which has been consistently proven to work.
Red tick Why you’ll kick yourself if you wait a minute longer to achieve measurable results.


Now, you probably think you’ve heard most of this before … how to use design templates, how to use less slides, how to present properly, how to harness the internet to deliver your message, etc. etc.

So before you read any further, we want to clear up any misconceptions

Slashing your input to accelerate your output does NOT mean that you simply put in less time on preparation.

It means that you choose to use your time differently. And one of the most powerful ways to use your time differently is to invest in a system. And using a system that is proven to work consistently with all audiences is probably the most cost-effective system you can choose.


But here’s the challenge …

Just knowing about a proven system won’t help
to guarantee outstanding output …

… but applying a proven system
to what you prepare and present will.

But do you know what?

… Most people who present information to others don’t get round to applying the good practices they’ve learned.

… Most people just end up doing what everyone else does – and get the same results.

… Most people start with a passion, and end up as bored with their material as their audiences!


Do you want to be like most people who present information, or would you rather …?

Red tickLook forward to preparing your material?
Red tickKnow something about your audiences in advance?
Red tickAudiences were awake when they're with you?
Red tickPeople remember more of what you write or say long-term?
Red tickPeople take action after listening to you?
Red tickStand out from a mediocre crowd?

We thought so!

Maximising ImpactWhich is why we created the Maximising Impact™ 1-day workshop.

An easy to follow step by step introduction that demonstrates how to apply a proven model to whatever information you present – and in only 8 hours!

Here's an overview of the important knowledge you’ll gain from this intensive workshop, so you can see just how much you’ll cover in one day; because we believe in modelling everything, you’re immersed in the methods we share.


Maximising Impact™
52 Ways to Present Information Powerfully
Workshop Overview

Learning Maps.
One method – multiple uses! A valuable tool to aid, plan, and organise information, learning, and knowledge.


Your Amazing Brain.
4 facts about the brain and how to stimulate it to stay alert during presentations and knowledge transfer.


The 6-step Process.
How to achieve consistent success with everything you design and present.


Keeping the Audience Motivated.
7 ideas to keep your audiences refreshed, no matter what information you share!


Use Your Senses.
How to tap into the 5 senses so people more easily absorb everything you write or say.


How Do You Understand?
Multiple intelligences – 8 ways to help everyone really understand your message.


Make It Memorable.
Learn 9 easy methods to trigger a memory of everything you write or say.


Exhibiting Knowledge.
10 simple tests to check how much has really been absorbed and understood.


Review to Retain.
2 ingredients guaranteed to ensure your audiences keep remembering your message.


Take our Memory Challenge!

Previous participants have been astounded with their remarkable results!

Because we are actively using the tools we teach, on average people remember around 75% of the 52 ideas we share. Compared to what they predict – which can be as low as 0–5 - this means they retain 39 pieces of information and some people remember 100% - which is all 52 ideas we share! Read on to find out why this is so important …


And if you prefer pictures, here’s what we’ve just said above, put another way…

Maximising Impact


So who’s this workshop for?

Firstly, we want to tell you who Maximising Impact™ isn’t for! It’s not for you if you …

  • Believe you already know everything there is about how to share information with others.
  • Think an abundance of PowerPoint slides aids absorption and retention of information.
  • Consider the way that you impart information is the only way, because it works for you.

On a personal basis, this workshop is for you if you are the sort of person who is …

Red tick Curious about how people absorb, retain and use information differently.
Red tick Interested in how to leverage your time and energy to best effect.
Red tick Appreciative of the limitations of current presentation methods.
Red tick Desperate to reduce your (and others’) use of PowerPoint.
Red tick Wanting to maximise your impact in how you present information.
Red tick On a quest to add value for your colleagues, customers and clients.

Adding value

And on a professional basis, this workshop is for you if any of these situations strike a chord …

Red tick Having to prepare a presentation, and knowing nothing about your audience.
Red tick Hearing that your audience may be sceptical or has a limited attention span.
Red tick Needing to prepare and deliver too much information with too little time.
Red tick Developing information or a presentation for people with diverse needs.
Red tick Having too many powerpoint slides, and a sinking feeling in your stomach.
Red tick Delivering technical or other information which is reputedly ‘hard to take in’.
Red tick Being bored with your material, because you’ve presented it so often yourself.
Red tick Working with individuals who don’t get it, even when you repeat what you say.
Red tick Finding yourself falling asleep in presentations or, worse, others falling asleep in yours!

Falling asleep in presentations

In the 3 years we’ve been running this workshop, we’ve logged well over 50 different job titles from those who’ve participated – so you can see Maximising Impact™ has wide appeal.

Now we’re not going to list all the jobs here, but we’ve had a go at summarising them in groups. Our participants …

Lead teams including managers, team leaders, supervisors, co-ordinators.
Share technical information such as law, finance, health and safety, IT, etc.
Market organisations, products or services to others including PR, website designers, demonstrators, marketing and sales people.
Work on a 1-2-1 basis including coaches, mentors, careers and guidance advisers, and some therapists.
Support learning including administrative staff, organisers, and union learning reps.
And for those who design and/or deliver learning, Maximising Impact provides an intensive overview of a proven system in action.

Ready to book?
Find out about our guarantee.


Here are some of the challenges we regularly help to solve which you too can confidently handle

“I’ve just been asked to deliver a nationwide ‘tour’. I’m confident with the material, but will be working with unknown audiences.”

This is a challenge probably most of us can relate to! A need to deliver information or learning to changing audiences, of varying sizes, from many backgrounds, and with differing degrees of knowledge! On this workshop you’ll learn how individuals take in information differently, and how to prepare and deliver your material so that everyone can understand you, irrespective of their personal preferences.

“I’ve been told that my audience has a limited attention span, and is always looking for something different.”

This also stems from individual diversity – we all have a variety of ways in which we understand, and if material isn’t explored in a way which works for us, we can get ‘fidgety’. We cover how you can make information meaningful to the widest audiences, by encouraging them to explore the information using their own personal style.

“My organisation is powerpoint mad these days, and every meeting features slide after slide! I don’t think that my colleagues are taking in the important messages from what’s presented to them, and I’d like to try something different.”

How right you are! Powerpoint can be a useful tool, but in untrained hands, the temptation is to stack way too much information into just one medium – which doesn’t work for most of the audience, most of the time!  We’ll be getting you to think about how you can prepare and deliver information and learning much more creatively.

“I’ve just taken on the delivery of a technical presentation, which has a reputation for being dull and unmemorable. Help!”

Unfortunately, many ‘technical’ topics do get a reputation for being dull or hard to take in. We’re thinking here of topics such as IT, strategy, finance, health and safety, science, processes, legislation, etc. Happily, we know from experience that these topics can be delivered in an enjoyable and memorable way, and we’ll be sharing some of our secrets of how you can also achieve this with your technical information.

“Part of my role involves coaching and mentoring on a 1-2-1 basis. Sometimes I find that no matter how often I tell certain people things, they just don’t get it!”

This is a common challenge for many of us, and stems from the fact that not only do we all learn in different ways, but we also inform, teach and train others, according to our own style. If the styles are incompatible – knowledge transfer may not take place! You’ll be discovering lots of things you can do to adapt your personal style so that you convey information and learning meaningfully to all.

“Everyone suffers from information overload these days, and I want to be able to give my audiences information in a way which ensures it sticks in their memory.”

Yes!! We believe that ‘making it stick’ is one of the cornerstones of effective information transfer. By encouraging the brain to take in information in the way it was designed to – effortlessly, joyfully, naturally – our audiences take in information at a much deeper level, ensuring significant improvements in memory, and lasting results back at work.


And while we’re on the subject of results,
how much of what people read and/or hear …

… do you believe they retain in their memory, one hour, one day, one week, one month, after?

0% … 10% … 20% … 30% … 40% … 50% … 60% … 70% … 80% … 90% … 100%?

Take a look at this graph …

Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting

Known as the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting, what this graph demonstrates is that recall of information learned starts dropping off, as soon as within twenty minutes, and that a jaw-dropping 70% of what we read and hear can be forgotten very quickly!

Think about that for a moment – most of the information you’ve spent hours, days, even weeks, drafting – forgotten more quickly than it’s been written! How much of a waste of time and effort is that for you – and all your audiences?


So this is where a proven system comes in …

… because the results from using our proven system demonstrate that people can substantially improve their memories of the information that you present, so long as you use the right tools and techniques to make it happen. 

As we said earlier, across all the 1-day workshops we’ve run, the average percentage retention by our participants, of the 52 ideas we share, is a very memorable 75%! Now you can appreciate how impressive that figure really is.

Ready to book?
Find out about our guarantee.


Or continue to read on because there’s even more outstanding results later …

Meet the creators of this powerful proven system –
Ann and Stella

We created the powerful, yet simple to incorporate, system we use at Maximising Impact™ to help us, and people just like you, to present information powerfully, consistently, and memorably, with a focus on getting results.

So as we’ll be spending a day together in imparting our knowledge to you, we want to share the essence of what we’re all about by telling you 3 facts about us, so you’ll know what to expect.


Fact One:
We’re passionate about enhancing your abilities
to present information memorably.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t been on the end of a presentation which was boring, repetitive, and sleep-inducing, and the only thing you remember was the (good or bad) lunch?

As you’ve seen already, our system has completely reversed the statistics about how much information can be remembered.

And irrespective of how you feel about your abilities as a presenter, we know you can present information more effectively, no matter how technical the topic, so that people enjoy receiving information, and remember more of it, which makes them more likely to take action as a result.


Fact Two:
We’re committed to helping you spend less time
to achieve better results.

Consider how much time is invested in developing information - excessive PowerPoint slides, cluttered web pages, technical manuals that are too heavy even to pick up! (to name but three!)

We actively demonstrate that there are better ways to share all the important information you need to impart to others, and at a fraction of the time and/or financial cost.


Fact Three:
We’ve presented information to thousands of people,
so what we share with you is what has worked for us.

Otherwise why would we use this system ourselves? That would simply be a waste of our time!

The methods we employ have been used to share information about every subject you care to mention – in fact, we have yet to come across a topic that cannot be made more meaningful and memorable by applying the system we use.

We’ve been working together since 2001, researching, redeveloping, and refining what we’ve learnt. With the result that, at the last five Maximising Impact™ workshops, the average group retention of the material we present was 80% and more! Compare that to the figures above!

Don't just take our word for it!

But please, don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what a small sample of people who've participated in Maximising Impact™ so far say …

" … Maximising Impact works …"

"As a seasoned presenter, I was refreshingly surprised at how much I got from the day. It renewed my excitement about how engaging and inspiring I can make my presentations. Maximising Impact works."

David Apparicio, Independent Reviewer, Training Journal.


" … I can improve my sessions …
particularly more tedious material …"

"I liked the group work illustrating different ways of targeting different learning styles and intelligences and seeing sessions run in a way that targets the right brain – most science sessions are predominantly left brain. I have come away with a lot of thoughts on how I can improve some of my sessions – particularly the one that covers more tedious material!"

Sue, Teaching Fellow, University of York.


" … have a positive effect on the results we achieve …"

"An excellent day with many new ways of improving the effectiveness of our training and presentations revealed.  Putting it all into practice can only have a positive effect on the results we achieve in our business."

Denis, Managing Director, Advanced Driver Services.


" … should be made mandatory …"

"This was more than a training course, it was an experience and should be made mandatory for all training professionals. This workshop concentrated on the perspective of the learner – something which we often forget when we have mounds of content we need to get through."

Vanessa, Training & Development Officer, Wardell Armstrong.


"… implemented my key objective within 5 hours …"

"I had high hopes in the trainers and the course material so I expected to recall loads and be able to implement plenty. I thrashed my memory expectation and implemented my key objective within 5 hours of leaving the venue."

Clare, Soft Skills Specialist, Wildfire.


" … passionate trainers who know their stuff …"

"The best, most effective, and comprehensive one day training course I have attended. Invaluable content delivered by passionate trainers who know their stuff. Highly recommended."

Denise, Director, Barceidillo Corporate and Professional Stress Management.


" … an excellent example of practising what's preached …"

"The Maximising Impact workshop was an excellent example of practising what was preached! Everything the trainers shared with us in theory was reflected in the room, the materials, the venue and the facilitation. The day left me feeling inspired and equipped to apply Brain Friendly Learning techniques to my own training sessions, in spades!!"

Jonathan, Training Consultant, Parang (specialising in IT).


" … looking forward to my next presentation …"

"I really enjoyed the whole day. I learnt a lot in a comfortable, relaxed environment with a really super group of people who were all keen to contribute in a very positive way. I had been feeling rather as if I had tried everything over the years to make my presentations interesting but still getting the glazed over audience. I have come away feeling inspired and looking forward to my next presentation!"

Sarah, Head of Corporate Services, Quality South East.


" … increase learner recall using simple techniques …"

"This is a programme that practises what it preaches and provided us with concrete examples of how to increase learner recall using simple techniques.  After this workshop there is really no excuse for not putting the ideas into action."

Gavin, Director, Inter-Activ Presenting & Influencing.


" … so many ways to make this subject digestible …"

"I now have some excellent ideas for the contract management training that I am helping to devise. There are so many ways to make this subject digestible and fun to learn; something I previously wasn’t convinced was possible!"

Shireen, Assistant Legal Adviser, R.N.L.I.


" … I now have 52 tools …"

"It was excellent. I now have 52 tools that I wasn’t aware of; some I already use and now they all fit."   

Eloise, e-Government Research & Performance Monitoring Officer, Enfield Council.


" … does everything it says on the tin …"

"Maximising Impact does everything it says on the tin. I feel that I have everything I need to ensure that my communications, on any level, adopt the expectations of my audience and bring my message across effectively and efficiently. I would whole-heartedly recommend this workshop to anyone who interacts with other people."

Jason, General Manager (in Manufacturing & Logistics).


" … I will be back for more, despite an 800 mile round trip …"

"As soon as I arrived at the venue I knew I was in for a treat as front of house staff were welcoming and for me first impressions count. The room we had for our workshop was well laid out and the first thing I saw was the big welcome banner on the flipchart. Then I met Ann and knew the training was also going to be great, I was not disappointed. Ann has a wealth of practical ideas and great delivery. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Maximising Impact. I will be back for more, despite an 800 mile round trip for me!"

Mike, Continuous Improvement Officer, Aberdeenshire Council.


" … I remembered all 52 things we had covered …"

"To begin with I thought we were going rather slowly, but at the end (and the next day) I remembered all 52 things we had covered, without feeling I’d worked too hard. I find the opposite with many courses - they cover a lot of information, which I struggle to retain afterwards. Thank you."

Katie, Chemical Engineering Manager, Astra Zeneca.


You are protected by our 100%
No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

Experience shows that our unique workshop provides tremendous value to diverse audiences, so we are happy to offer you a 100% risk free guarantee.

If you do not leave this workshop inspired with multiple ways to do things differently, your fees will be fully refunded. 

And we’ll appreciate your feedback as to what we can do differently, so that we learn too.

PLUS … you are protected by our Reschedule Policy
If you find you are unable to attend the workshop, we will happily reschedule you to a later workshop, if that is feasible, for you and for us. Or providing you let us know at least one calendar month before the workshop if you need to cancel your booking completely, we will refund fees, less £50 (+ VAT) for administrative costs. After that date, we are committed to the venue for your place.

PLUS … you are protected by our Substitute Policy
If you need to cancel your booking completely, we will be pleased to welcome an appropriate substitute to take your place. The £50 (+ VAT) administrative charge will be waived.

Ann Grindrod

Stella Collins

Founders of Brain in Business™

If, for reasons beyond our control, it becomes necessary to change the timings, trainers, dates, or venue, we will keep you informed after booking. In the unlikely event of the workshop being completely cancelled, we will make a full refund of your fees, and disclaim any further liability.


What’s included in your investment?

Maximising Impact™ is a highly intensive workshop, with content that will last you a lifetime! You can expect:

Red tick An interactive event with a limited number of participants all who are as enthusiastic to learn different ways to present information as you.
Red tick Plentiful refreshments and a lunch designed to keep your brain and body fit. We model how enabling your audiences to digest information actively helps you to achieve results.
Red tick An inspiring environment in which to think, work, and learn. Whatever your audience, we’ll show you how improving the environment makes a real difference to what is heard and absorbed.
Red tick To dress for your personal comfort, the environment to be informal yet fast-paced, and your participation to be vital to all the group’s learning.
Red tick To work with everyone in the group, as well as having time for personal reflection.
Red tick To be with us from 9 – 5 when you will leave with a personal toolkit bursting with ideas you can immediately apply.


Kitbag of Sensory Resources
Value - £17

During the day with us, you’re going to be learning why introducing all the senses - sight, sound, feel, smell and taste - are vital ingredients in how you can present information powerfully. Our multi-sensory gift to you means you can start using what you learn as soon as the very next day.

Colour pots

Full Colour Workshop Notes
Value - £47

The prepared notes we give you help to keep your new knowledge alive and are a great example of when to give people lots of information, and how to do it, and when to share information with a lighter touch. And full colour is really important – attend our workshop and you’ll discover why!

Samples from which you can Prepare Materials
Value – at least £97

Sometimes, people leave training events buzzing with lots of ideas, but they don’t know where to start! Because taking action is important, we help you get off to a flying start with samples which you can copy. Plus a template presentation, mapped out with the ideas we share. Think how much preparation time that could save you. In fact, depending upon how you’ll apply your new knowledge, you may even be reading a sample right now!

Relevant Guidance and Ideas
Value – at least £197

Before you attend our workshop, we’ll be asking what your personal objectives are. Throughout the day, we’ll regularly ask you ‘what does this idea mean for you?’. And at the end, we’ll be asking you what new ideas you’re taking away to implement. So when you ask us questions before, during, and after the workshop, we’ll know what context you’re using your knowledge in, which helps us to give you a meaningful answer, relevant to what you do.

ITOL Accredited Training
Value - £Lifetime

Brain in Business is the only training provider in the UK accredited by The Institute for Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) to deliver events using the brain friendly methods we share. On successful completion of this 1-day workshop, you will receive nationally recognised certification – which you can hang on your wall if you choose.

Ongoing Mastermind Support
Value – at least £497

We have found that the fastest way to embed new learning is through the continuing support and inspiration of others. Your ongoing Mastermind Support gives you a blended package including membership of our unique Brain Friendly Learning Group, continuing resources for inspiration, and personal consultancy from us on an application of your choice. Further details will be provided when you attend the workshop. This offer alone returns your investment in Maximising Impact™ in full!

Value of all these bonuses?
At least £855!


Maximising Impact™
What’s the investment?

Considering how much time we’ve invested in developing and refining these methods and how much return you and/or your organisation will get in terms of time saved and the results you achieve, you would expect the investment in these workshops to be very expensive.

However, we’re on a mission! And our mission is to share this proven system with as many people who present information as possible. Because we’ve lost count of how many people complain to us about being on the receiving end of poor presentation, teaching and training techniques – especially since PowerPoint was launched!

So, in order to help as many people as possible to slash their input and accelerate their output, we’ve kept the investment for

Maximising Impact™
52 Ways to Present Information Powerfully
at only £497 (+ VAT).


But when we say as many people as possible, unlike some companies, we don’t mean that we work with huge groups, in order to maximise our income!

In fact, we limit the people we work with at this open event to a maximum of just 8 participants per trainer – to ensure you get our maximum personal time and attention.

Small group

So if you want to learn how to stand out from the crowd when you present information, please sign into our main website at and we’ll keep you updated with our plans for 2012.

Stand out from the crowd

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If you …

… have any more questions, you’ve very welcome to call us on 01380 850 192.

... want to find out more about how our methods are successful, sign up for our Free Report


And finally, here’s to Your Future Success – Whatever Information You Present!

Ann Grindrod

Stella Collins

Ann Grindrod Stella Collins

P.S. Every time you prepare information without using a system, will result in time wasted by you. To stop spending more time than you need on preparation - book your place now, today!

P.P.S. Every time people forget what you write or say is more time wasted by you – and them! To enable your audiences to remember more information – book your place now, today!

P.P.P.S. Every time someone fails to take action after reading or hearing what you say is yet more time wasted by you and them. To ensure your audiences are more likely to take action – book your place now, today!

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